Auctions & Property Advice


Your Design Bristol Ltd are proud to work along side both Bristol Property Live and Hollis Morgan Auctioneers. Once a month Hollis Morgan present auction properties to the public, their venue is located in Clifton, All Saints Church, Pembroke Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2HY. Hollis Morgan often have an excellent range of property which can be viewed prior to the auction. From their web site you can view the latest property and download their catalogue. We attend the auction to openly discuss the properties and the possibilities of obtaining planning consent, as a residential architectural and design company we find our services and advice are valuable to everybody who attends, we are usually located at the main entrance.

Bristol Property Live also have a great deal of property and can be viewed online, you can also collect their latest paper at the auction.
With our visual capabilites, you can sell a proposed project through the Bristol Property Live paper or at the Hollis Morgan Auctions, before you have built it. Bristol Property Live and Hollis Morgan auctions advertise broadly across the Bristol area and can be found via the web link on this page.
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